About Us

The effort to bring about the city of St. George was born from the effort to create a local independent school district in the southeastern part of East Baton Rouge Parish. The character of the opposition to that effort set in motion a larger discussion among grassroots citizens dissatisfied by the quality of governance from the Powers That Be in East Baton Rouge Parish, the quality of the institutions that the governing elite has created, to particularly include the K-12 educational system, and the disparity in political influence enjoyed by the people of the southern part of the parish. We represent more than two-thirds of the parish's tax base but only about one-third of its expenditures, and the area which will be St. George has never produced a mayor-president of Baton Rouge in modern times. We are simply a group of grass-roots citizens who have decided to take a stand. You can join us by clicking here.

Chairpersons for The City of St. George incorporation effort are:

Norman Browning

Joshua L. Hoffpauir

Dustin Yates

Spokesperson and Media Contact:

Lionel Rainey III (225) 247-4246 (Email)